Case Study

Swapping Securely with Brave Wallet

Jun 12, 2023

by Sarah Lu

Brave is a privacy-focused browser with built-in blocking for third-party ads and ad trackers. In this Case Study, learn how Brave increased usage of their in-browser crypto wallet by 700% with a Layer3 Quest.

Safe and private browsing with Brave

Brave is one of the safest browsers on the market, and is easily our browser of choice when it comes to exploring crypto apps and web3.

By blocking third-party data capture, protecting users from digital fingerprinting, and automatically upgrading every webpage possible to secure HTTPS connections, Brave is a faster and more secure way to browse the Web.

Compared to browsers like Chrome, Brave is made for users  who don’t want their digital data to be monitored by the prying eyes of tech companies, especially when it comes to tracking user browsing habits that ad tech players can sell as highly targeted ad space.

We helped Brave Wallet grow their token-swap use by over 700%*

*This information was obtained through transparent and open on-chain data via Dune Analytics.

With Brave’s self-custody cryptocurrency wallet integrated directly into the Brave browser, users are able to buy, send, store, and swap thousands of assets (and NFTs) seamlessly on popular networks including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and more. Crypto aficionados no longer need to download an extra extension or be more at risk to wallet extension hacks that plague the space.

However, while Brave is known as a leading choice for private browsing, many existing users and wider crypto users remain unaware that Brave has a built-in crypto wallet.

To increase top of funnel awareness and encourage users to give the wallet a try, Brave partnered with Layer3 to launch a Quest that highlighted their new swaps experience and the benefits of using Brave and Brave Wallet together.

In March, we drove awareness and usage of Brave Wallet through an interactive Quest

Layer3 quickly demonstrated its strength as a partner for Brave Wallet with our first Quest together. The team was collaborative, resourceful, and worked hard to make the launch process a breeze. We're looking forward to growing Brave's Web3 products and features with Layer3. - Lukas Levert, Product Marketing Manager at Brave

Using our no-code Quest Builder, we created an interactive Quest for Layer3 that encouraged users to download Brave and make a token swap using Brave Wallet.

  • No-code, modular Quest Builder: This Quest drove an increase of ~700% in usage of Brave Wallet swaps, and rewarded 500XP to those who completed it

  • Multi-wallet support & wallet detection: With multi-wallet support, users can connect to Layer3 with up to 10 wallets on one account

    • As a result, participants were no longer asked to completely switch their account in order to try a Quest using Brave Wallet

    • With wallet detection, we also ensured that participants have downloaded and are using Brave Wallet to complete the Quest

  • Multichain on-chain verification system: To encourage on-chain product usage, Quest participants were able to instantly verify their required swaps once completing it on chain.

The campaign ran for several days, and drove an over 700% increase in swap activity in Brave Wallet while the Quest was live!*

  • This information was obtained through transparent and open on-chain data via Dune Analytics.

Building for a more safe and private crypto experience

While Big Tech remains focused on how to collect personal information and tracking behaviors to accelerate growth, we’re proud to partner with privacy-focused organizations like Brave to make the future of the Internet more user-first and consent-driven.

Products like Brave Wallet are essential to ensuring a future where individuals can integrate self-custody into their everyday lives, while being assured that their browser isn’t watching them as they do so.

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