Hello, Solana!

Jul 5, 2023

by Layer3 Team

Layer3 is now live on Solana!

With Phantom wallet as our launch partner, you can now connect your Solana wallet to Layer3, and complete Quests on the Solana network.

Over the past few months, we’ve continued to expand into new ecosystems and chains based on based on valuable feedback from our community. It’s been a long time coming—but we’ve finally implemented Solana support, after over a year of Solana being on our product roadmap!

With Solana support on Layer3, our crypto horizons have gotten even brighter.

And it’s one step towards helping Layer3 become your go-to-destination for all things crypto.

Here’s how

Previously, you could only connect to Layer3 using a EVM-based wallet.

Now, users are able to connect to Layer3 using any wallet on Solana, including leading wallets like Phantom. This enables you to:

  • Complete Quests with a Solana wallet

  • Add a Solana address to your wallet repository (remember, you can add up to 10!)

  • Use multiple Solana wallets to complete Quests

  • Explore the Solana ecosystem in a safe and secure way

You can start exploring Solana in our Quest with Phantom below.

Why we built this

For as long as Layer3 has existed, we’ve been operating within EVM-based ecosystems. We started out on Ethereum, rapidly grew with Layer2s like Optimism and Arbitrum, and are constantly enabling our users to explore new ecosystems, including Base, Zora, and ZkSync Era.

So it’s only natural that we add support for Solana—one of our most requested chains, and one that has been in our product development roadmap since 2022.

While Solana is our latest addition, we will continue to be an advocate for chains with low network fees and scalability. We believe that this is the way forward for mass adoption.

And it’s just one step for Layer3 to become your go-to-place for all things crypto.

The best way to explore Solana is now live on Layer3

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