Scaling Summer with Uniswap

Aug 11, 2023

by Layer3 Team

This summer, join Uniswap and Layer3 for an exclusive onchain event through the Layer 2 ecosystem!

The Future of Ethereum is Here

If you've ever encountered Ethereum's scaling limitations, like paying high gas fees or enduring long waits for swaps, you understand the need for change.

Layer 2 solutions are making onchain transactions cheaper and faster, bringing crypto closer to traditional financial systems.

With thriving ecosystems, simplified deployment, and improved bridging UX, Ethereum scaling solutions are flourishing like never before.

Say Hello to Scaling Summer

Scaling Summer is more than just a campaign; it's an immersive experience.

We’ve crafted nine quests across four different Layer 2’s, creating a hands-on journey that's both engaging and educational. Unlock rewards, explore ecosystems, and sharpen your onchain skills.

Uniswap Wallet is Your Key

The Uniswap Wallet is your gateway to Scaling Summer. All Layer3 Quests are for mobile wallet users.

To get started, download the mobile wallet today and enjoy dozens of incredible features.

  • Direct Onramp: Access Mainnet or L2s directly with your debit card.

  • Switch Between Chains: Effortlessly transition between Mainnet, Arbitrum, Base, and Optimism, staying connected across the ecosystem

  • Explore Top Tokens: Utillize market cap, price, and volume charts for informed decisions.

Join Scaling Summer

Immerse yourself in a summer of onchain discovery and fun. Join the adventure now!