Introducing the Layer3 Bridge

Jul 5, 2023

by Layer3 Team

For months we’ve been building Quests to make education and discovery in crypto more fun, exciting, and interactive.

We want Quests on Layer3 to become the best place to explore the variety of on-chain ecosystems available today, and in the future. After months of product development, research, and quality assurance, we’re finally happy to launch one product you’ve all been waiting for: The Layer3 Bridge!

The Layer3 Bridge is an all-in-one bridge aggregator, which means that it compiles the best routes for you across all the bridges you know and love. It’s also focused on making your Quest experience better and faster than ever.

And it’s one step towards helping Layer3 become your go-to-destination for all things crypto.

Here’s how

Our bridge is a user-friendly and embedded feature within Layer3 that enables you to effortlessly bridge assets between different chains, offering a seamless platform experience.

Powered by Socket’s (Bungee) interoperability stack, Layer3’s native bridge is a bridge aggregator that automatically finds the best routes for you, across all the bridges you know and love.

Other powerful features include:

  • The ability to swap tokens between origin and destination chains

  • Transparent fees

  • Estimated bridging times (with live tracking)

  • Estimated token output

  • Bridging transaction history

By enabling cross-chain swaps in addition to bridging assets across chains, the Layer3 Bridge is a powerful tool for you to continue your on-chain journey.

Why we built this

When collecting user feedback regarding Quests, we often got the complaint that your platform experience had been diminished by the lack of ease in bridging assets across chains.

In a multi-chain world, this is no longer acceptable.

We shouldn’t expect users to have to try out multiple bridges to find the best routes, only to be stopped by opaque bridge fees, bad UX, and unstable liquidity. These problems are at the forefront of how we move and swap assets between chains, and it’s not an option for one of the largest multi-chain communities in crypto.

That’s where the Layer3 Bridge Aggregator comes in, with two main goals in mind:

  • Providing a seamless, intuitive bridging experience within the platform

  • Ensuring a secure and transparent transaction process for users who want to take their assets across chains.

The best way to bridge is now live on Layer3.

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